Clean Room Validation Water Fogger

Product Description


Ultrasonic Humidifier Is A Advance Technology To Produce Fine Water Droplets From Water At Room Temperature. Ultrasonic Humidifier Use A Piezoelectric Transducer To Create A High Frequency Mechanical Oscillation In A Film Of Water. This Forms An Extremely Fine Mist Of Droplets About One

Material Stainless Steel,304,316
Size W250mm* L350mm*H200mm)
Weight 7.5kg-9kgs
Water mist outlet Particle <0.3Micoron
Power Supply 220-230 V

Micron In Diameter That Is Quickly Evaporated Into The Air Flow. Why Use Ultrasonic Humidifier?

High evaporation capacity | Low maintance | Advance water level controller | Cost effective | Effective temperature controller | User friendly | Low power consumption.