Orbital Shaker Incubator

We, ANASUYA SCIENTIFICALLY SOLUTIONS are the leading manufacturers, suppliers and dealers of the Orbital Shaking Incubators. This Orbital Shaking incubator is designed as per the Industry norms for precise temperature control and orbital or reciprocating shaking motion application in the various sectors such as medical, agricultural, industrial, research laboratories and hospitals.


  • Double Walled Inner SS/Outer MS.
  • Temperature Range: 10oC to 60oC0.
  • Controlled by preset dual display electronic digital temperature controller seminal fluid indicator.
  • RPM Range: 50 - 250 RPM Orbital(25 cms)
  • Fluctuating speed controlled by Digital Display RPM Controller cum Indicator(Permanent Management DC Motor).
  • Complete with St. Steel Tray with lotus-shaped spring action clamps but without conical flask.
Models Capacity in Ltr.
ASS- 8a 9 x 250 ml
ASS- 8b 16 x 250 ml
ASS- 8c 20 x 250 ml
ASS-8d 36 x 250 ml
ASS-8e 9 x 500 ml
ASS- 8f 16 x 500 ml
ASS- 8g 20 x 500 ml
ASS- 8h 36 x 500 ml