Magnetic Stirrer

ANASUYA SCIENTIFICALLY SOLUTIONS magnetic stirrers are the world's best-selling professional magnetic stirrers. There is a complete range of ANASUYA SCIENTIFICALLY SOLUTIONS magnetic stirrers to handle various quantities, both with or without heating capabilities. Used with open or closed vessels, our magnetic stirrers easily master even complex tasks. For example, they precisely and effectively regulate the set temperature with the help of a contact thermometer. They also enable multiple syntheses in up to 36 vessels simultaneously. ANASUYA SCIENTIFICALLY SOLUTIONS equipment are good for the environment and also keep your energy costs low. Our main areas of focus in the development of ANASUYA SCIENTIFICALLY SOLUTIONS magnetic stirrers are functionality, safety, and longevity.

magnetic stirrer is highly resistant to acid, alkali, oil and other chemicals. Ideal for all types of laboratory stirring and heating applications. These magnetic stirrers give a high level of reliability even at high speed and high temperatures. The stirring speed is controlled by an electronic circuit and the temperature is controlled by a closed-loop thermostat control comes with stirring and heating capabilities while heating with temperature probe.

Maintenance-free motors come with smooth start feature and safety logic for Auto Cut Off of heating plate temperature when using a digital temperature controller is also available for this model as an option.

Features: -

  • The magnetic stirrers come with a new flat and round hot plate
  • Comes with highly reliable temperature control
  • All units come with a heating power of 500 W for fast heating
  • The hot plate temperature ranges between 50 °C - 250°C while the medium temperature range is up to 200 °C
  • Comes with a highly efficient motor with low power consumption
  • Has a wide speed range up to 1400 rpm
  • Provides excellent stirring results in volumes up to 20 L (H2O)
  • Enhanced heavy-duty stirring magnet drives stirring bars with ease
  • Provided with maintenance-free motors with smooth start feature
  • Comes with a safety logic for auto cut-off of heating plate temperature when using digital temperature controller (optional)
  • Comes with a stand to support and to save space and avoid additional accessories

Technical Specifications: -

Number of stirring positions: 1/1
Stirring quantity max. (H20)[l]: 20/20
Motor rating input [W]: 17/17
Motor rating output [W]: 20/20
Speed display: None/None
Speed range [1/min]: 150 - 1400
Stirring bar length max. [mm]: 80/80
Heat output [W]: 500/500
Heating rate (1 l H2O) [K/min]
Heating temperature range [°C]: 40 – 250
Heat control accuracy [±K] 5 / 1
Temperature Control Analog / Digital
Speed control: Step less
Safety Logic [°C]: 300 / 300
Ext. temperature sensor: NIL / Temp. Probe
Set-up plate material: Aluminum alloy
Hot plate dimensions [mm]: 148 diameter
Permissible ambient temperature [°C]: 5 – 40
Voltage [V]: 220 – 240
Frequency [Hz]: 50 HZ
Power Input [W]: 230